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Welcome to my Blog focused on life narratives and all things addiction and recovery! The language of your life is created in the form of stories (narratives) constructed and integrated from your life experiences. These narratives form the uniqueness of your identity; referred to as your narrative Identity, they are an internalized and evolving story that shapes your sense of purpose, individuality and unity (with others). They are also, in large part, the filters through which you see life – how life occurs to you, and how you personally fit into that filtered reality. Your narratives also have the power to increase your risk of addiction; people in recovery spend a significant amount of time untangling the toxic language created in the past that’s sabotaging their future.

Here’s the really cool thing – you can change the story and alter language created from past experiences, dramatically shifting how you see yourself in the present and into the future.

I hope you enjoy what I share; I very much look forward to constructive dialog on how we see and interpret the world, and how the language created through those filters enable or inhibit our abilities to thrive. I also welcome dialog on how the science of addiction is balanced with the art of recovery to create a truly transformed future.

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