Author: Steve Barnard

Your One Word for Life

Discover Your One Word to Ensure Your Legacy Have you considered there may be one word that 1) describes you at your most basic level, 2) acts as a lens through which your most important decisions are made, and 3) is the one thing for which you’re most remembered – your one-word epitaph? There is […]

Thinking Brain | Feeling Brain

The Basic Brain Science of Addiction & Recovery We have two fundamental functions in our brains – not the left-brain/right-brain distinction that contrasts analytical vs. creative expression, rather the function that deals with emotions (and feelings, memory, attention, learning, and behavioral regulation), and the function that deals with reason (and logic, facts, values, goals, critical […]

PORN: The Pernicious Predator

Part-1 of: America’s “other” Epidemic Much has been written about America’s opioid epidemic – from the runaway greed of Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family misrepresenting Oxycontin’s highly-addictive potential[i], to the mounting annual death toll from drug overdoses directly attributed to opioid dependency[ii], to the move to synthetics and other opioid-based drugs (e.g., heroin, fentanyl) […]

The 3 Laws of Wellbeing

Self-directed Wellbeing begins with a declaration,or it doesn’t begin at all! Self-directed wellbeing is defined as the capacity, resources and skills necessary to manage all areas of one’s life without significant assistance from another person, institution, or agency. To avoid any misunderstanding, there’s a similar-sounding movement called Mental Health Self-direction that focuses on helping people […]

The Porn Addicted Brain

Why porn addiction, like drug &alcohol addiction, is a brain disease. I recently joined Reddit to participate in the numerous communities related to addiction and recovery. My first impression was, gosh, there are sooooo many people suffering either from addiction disorders or as family and friends of someone who is. My second impression was, holy […]

The Opposite of Addiction

To discover the right answer, one must first ask the right question. I recently watched a Ted Talk where the infamous investigative journalist Johann Hari shared his research into drug and alcohol addiction, along with his own personal history of substance use and his journey to recovery. The Ted Talk, titled “Everything you think you […]

Resolute Resolutions

Three Keys for Successful Resolutions Around New Years but also throughout the year, and with the best of intentions, people create resolutions to make desired changes in their lives.  Unfortunately, many fail (research shows as many as 88% fail to keep their resolutions), become discouraged, make excuses for why they didn’t or couldn’t, and surrender […]