Author: Steve Barnard

Hole in My Sidewalk

The Essence of Change – a poem by Portia Nelson This brilliant poem by Portia Nelson has long been used in the context of 12-step programs to model the process of recovery. At the heart of the message is the reality that recovery is an active and ongoing responsibility of the person in recovery; countless […]

Words Matter

Words can be positive or negative, helpful or hurtful. Either way, they matter; it matters what you say, both to others and to yourself. Your life narrative is an internalized story you’ve constructed based upon experiences, how those experiences occurred to you, and the specific words you selected to describe the events, both while and […]

Getting Started…

As this is my first post, I’ll use this opportunity to summarize what I’m trying to impact with Narratives Coaching. I have a huge passion for helping people break free of negative thinking and move past stigmatizations, whether socially- or self-imposed, preventing them from moving forward and achieving their dreams. Experiences from your past can […]